The new Athena Wireless Node is an ultra-small, wireless, integral fixture controller. Packed with technology and endlessly versatile, this tiny device can handle communications via DALI 2 with DALI Type 8, 0-10V, Clear Connect Type X, and simplifies the set-up process with Bluetooth.


Works With Your Fixture

Smaller than a quarter, the Athena Wireless node is engineered to fit a standard knockout and designed to meet the open, globally-accepted D4I standard. And with black and white options, almost any fixture can be Athena enabled.


Tunable White & Static White

Gone are the days of worrying about fixture-control compatibility or frustrating redesigns. The Athena Wireless Node controls both tunable white and static white light, so if your fixture changes during design, there’s no need to change controls.



With a network of Athena Wireless Nodes, your clients can easily update the layout of their space overtime. Onboard software will be continually upgraded, unlocking new system features and capabilities as they are released.

More Flexible, More Intelligent, More Connected.

More Flexible, More Intelligent, More Connected. The highly awarded lighting control solution —Athena — just got even better.