Crowne Pointe | RPD16

Crowne Pointe is a single-point luminaire available in three forms – pendant, ceiling-mount and ADA-compliant sconce. Measuring 3″ x 6″, the cylindrical luminaire is fitted with a vented, bezel ring that facilitates air flow to help cool the luminaire. This bezel ring  or “crowne”  may also be specified with an accent color to achieve an attractive, two-one aesthetic.

Standard finish options are brushed aluminum, satin white and matte black. If another color is needed, a custom RAL color may be specified.

PENDANT – RPD16/P: Crowne Pointe P is a traditional, spotlight pendant. Standard cord colors are black, white and black/white zig-zag. If another color is need, a custom colored cord may be specified.
CEILING – RPD16/C: The Crowne Pointe C is a ceiling mounted spotlight. With the stem able to rotate up to 90 degrees at the ceiling plate and the body able to rotate up to 90% at the end of the stem, light can be directed exactly where needed.
SCONCE – RPD16/S: The Crowne Pointe S is a an ADA-compliant adjustable-aim wall sconce that can be pivoted up to 45 degrees in each lateral direction.

Tech Specs

Lamp: LED | 83 CRI
Efficacy: 2100 raw lumens | 18.9 system Watts (per linear foot)
Driver: Remoted, dimming or non-dimming | Universal voltage 120-227V
Size: 3×6 inches
Cord: Black, white, zig-zag or custom color
Finish: satin white, matte black, brushed aluminum or custom RAL
CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K