IceTube | RPD04

IceTube is a luminous luminaire providing 360-degree illumination, available in four distinct configurations a vertical pendant, a horizontal pendant, a wall sconce, and a wall-to-wall linear luminaire.

VERTICAL PENDANT - RPD04/P: IceTube P is available in two configurations a fully illuminated tube or a tube with a cylindrical body and illuminated tube.

HORIZONTAL PENDANT - RPD04/HP: IceTube HP is a suspended linear pendant.

SCONCE - RPD04/S: IceTube S can me mounted to the wall vertically or horizontally.

WALL-TO-WALL - RPD04/WW: IceTube WW is designed to span between walls and has a pivotable wall black that enable the luminaire to be install at various angles.

Tech Specs

Lamp: LED / 90 CRI
Efficacy: 500 lumens | 9 system Watts (per linear foot)
Driver: Remoted 0-10V dimming down to 5% | Universal voltage 120-227V
Size: 34, 46, 58, or 72 inches
Finish: 18 standard finishes available – Special order & custom color matching also available
Cord: Black, white, zig-zag or custom color
CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K

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