High-Performance, Open Aperture Linear & Ring Luminaires


High-Performance, Open Aperture Linear & Ring Luminaires


ARKUS is ALW's newest innovative Linear and Ring family bringing elegant design and sophisticated performance to your projects. Utilizing InfinityWave™ Light Guide Technology, ARKUS features a sleek form factor with elegantly thin, curved side walls providing comfortable illumination. Light is unencumbered as it pours from the 2" or 3" light chamber, complimented by a curved organic exterior; a fixture that is truly meant to be seen.

ARKUS features show stopping form while form while delivering sustainable function. Featuring a Declare Label, ARKUS Suspended offers high efficacy illumination of up to 165lm/W and 750lm/ft with a UGR <15. Choose between various indirect optical distributions adding further versatility to the most unique lighting designs.

Striving to enhance the human experience through illumination, ARKUS is intended to be seen and admired, elevating your space beyond routine lighting designs. Combining linear and ring profiles in both modern and organic form factors, ARKUS transforms ordinary spaces into captivating solutions for every application.

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Get an Inside Look at Arkus

Watch the video to find out how Arkus is a modern perspective on timeless sophistication. From subtle gradients to dramatic contrasts, you can achieve balance between light and shadow to accentuate architectural features and define spatial boundaries. Create captivating architectural environments that inspire, engage, and transcend the ordinary with Arkus.

Key Highlights

Elegant Design

Combining linear and ring profiles in both modern and organic form factors, Arkus is the captivating solution for every application. The combination of curved organic surfaces allows the eye to dance between light and dark, providing illumination that is both pleasant and functional.

Sophisticated Performance

Powered by InfinityWave™ Light Guide Technology, Arkus delivers exceptional performance within a remarkably slim profile. Arkus matches its performance with its aesthetics, featuring an efficacy up to 165 lm/W

Comfortable Illumination

Arkus is crafted with a uniquely curved reflective chamber to reduce glare, boasting a UGR below 15 for comfortable and visually pleasing illumination, meeting WELL and LEED requirements. This luminaire family is engineered for environments where glare-free task lighting is paramount for visual comfort. 

Unique Design Applications

Make a statement with ArkusRing, a luminaire that must be experienced to be appreciated. Rooted in years of success and development with MoonRing, ArkusRing creates another layer of lighting for high-profile environments. Each luminaire is precisely crafted, ensuring a unique style that's sure to set any space apart.